Turbo Minivans on the web

The Turbo Minivan truth is out there! Listed below are some of the turbo Caravan/Voyager minivans on the internet; each link will take you to the respective van's web page. Do you have a web page dedicated to your turbo minivan which isn't listed here? If so, let me know and you'll be added immediately!

Gus Mahon was the man who started it all. He bought his '89 Dodge Caravan automatic brand new and it ran 13-second ETs for over a decade. Sadly, Gus passed away in August 2002.

Paul Smith owns an '89 Dodge Caravan SE automatic. He's made dozens of passes in the 12s with a best of 12.61 seconds.

Terry Ryan owns the planet's only 11-second turbo minivan. His best pass is 11.97 seconds off the bottle... and 11.76 seconds with a 50-shot in 2nd and 3rd gears.

Dempsey Bowling used to own the Bluesmobile, an '89 Dodge Caravan SE automatic that ran mid 13-second ETs. (Sadly, the body developed terminal cancer so the van was dismantled in 2007.)

Dave Lawson has very impressive attention to detail; his 1989 Voyager (named Artie) is immaculate. No wonder he flew 1700 miles to buy this gem.

Gary Donovan decided to join the fun and picked up an '89 Dodge Caravan SE... to race and use as a tow vehicle!

Scot Murray races his '89 Caravan SE.

Josh Leib is into customizing his '89 Caravan SE automatic as well as making it go fast.

Chris Moore is the proud owner of That Damn Van, an '89 Caravan SE automatic.

Paul McGovern bought his '89 Caravan with some of the basic mods already done... and it even included an uninstalled PowerStroke intercooler. Good things are in store for him.

Justin Foden is possessed: he's committing the Texas Minivan Massacre on his '89 Voyager SE. Proceed at your own risk!

Matt Kessler has also joined the ranks via his '89 Caravan automatic.

Jarrod Widiger of North Dakota has hit the strip in his '89 Caravan SE.

Second generation turbo minivans

Lee Shuster began with a 1993 Plymouth Voyager 2.5L TBI van, then began crafting... and didn't stop until it was powered by a 2.5L intercooled turbo backed by an A-568 5-speed tranny. Quite impressive.

Pete Faggella found himself a 1994 2.5L TBI 5-speed Caravan, then converted it to a 2.5L turbo engine.

updated Nov 20, 2011